A Day To Remember - All I Want


A Day To Remember - All I Want

Does anyone remember that episode of Kim Possible where they jump through TV shows?


And they were in Friends:image

And the Teletubbies:image

And Star Trek:image

And “That 1670’s Show”


Because this was the greatest part of my childhood.


when you get your first paycheck…


when you get your first paycheck…


kim p plays kim k


kim p plays kim k

Disney Channel Schedule for 8/21:

12:00am: That’s So Raven

12:30am: That’s So Raven

1:00am: Cory in the House

1:30am: Cory in the House

2:00am: Even Stevens

2:30am: Even Stevens

3:00am: Lizzie McGuire (episode El Oro de Montezuma)

3:30am: Lizzie McGuire (episode Mom’s Best Friend)

4:00am: Kim Possible

4:30am: Kim Possible

5:00am: Lilo & Stitch

5:30am: Lilo & Stitch


GUYS! DISNEY HAS A THING NOW CALLED DINSEY REPLAY AND THEY REPLAY ALL OLD SHOWS!! as far as I know its on wednesdays at midnight where i live so I either stay up to watch or record it! I am so glad they finally agreed, so I thought id spread the word so it will do well and they will keep our childhood shows on air, so here are the shows that will be playing:

  • kim possible
  • thats so raven
  • lizzie micguire
  • the famous jett jackson
  • the proud family
  • so weird



I still think “friendzone” should be a big calzone you share with your friends. 


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As anger erupted again on the streets of Ferguson, Missouri, a human rights team from Amnesty International worked on the ground in the US for the first time ever.

Confrontation flared up after an autopsy found that Michael Brown, an unarmed teenager who was fatally shot by an officer on 9 August, had suffered at six bullet wounds including one in the top of his head.

Eye-witnesses report seeing police, with no visible ID badges, hurling tear gas and rubber bullets at protesters and threatening members of the press in another night of demonstrations.

Amnesty International, said it would be observing police and protester activity and gathering testimonies as well as training local activists “on methods of non-violent protest” in an “unprecedented” move by the campaigners.

Amnesty International USA’s Executive Director, Steven W Hawkins said that the “people of Ferguson have the right to protest peacefully the lack of accountability for Michael Brown’s shooting”.

Jasmine Heiss, one of the 13-strong team sent by Amnesty, told Buzzfeed that the limits placed on the organisation’s access to post-curfew areas was indicative of “the overall lack of transparency in this investigation”.

Complex Magazine said that police had opened fire into the crowds without warning three hours before the midnight curfew began, causing some children and members of the media to be hit with tear gas and rubber bullets.

Two black journalists from Complex also said that they had been racially profiled, being refused re-entry into the press area whereas white members of the press had been.

it begins

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